To be a Cyber Security Analyst – Intro

Welcome to part one of “To be a cyber security analyst”. There are a lot of courses available for people wanting to get into the cyber security industry but in my experience they all focus on the technical aspects without really looking at the big picture, or how those technical lessons fit into the day to day duties of a cyber security analyst.

I wanted this to be more of a guide on how you’ll implement the technical knowledge you’ve built up on courses, in your day to day job. What kind of security incidents you’re likely to look at (I’ll draw on real life incidents I’ve worked on) and the methods and tools I used (and you will use) to resolve these incidents. In this way, if you find yourself successful in landing a cyber security role (and the market is currently full of them by the way) you’ll already have a good understanding of what to expect.

When I first started as a cyber security analyst, I had already built up a foundation of knowledge by working as a network engineer. So I had a good grasp of how the networks worked, and I had spent around a year studying some security courses. However when I first walked into the SOC (Security Operations Center), I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing day to day.

The first thing I quickly realized was that it is all based around the tools. Years of watching movies and shows around hacking and even a lot of the technical courses gave the impression I’d be sitting at the computer running obscure commands with lines of code running down the screen. In my experience it is not like that at all, you have security tools, and the main part of the job is using these tools. And for this reason I believe the most valuable things you can learn is some foundation knowledge of networks and a knowledge of how to use the tools. Which, I will cover in the rest of the posts in this blog.

Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you would like answering in future posts, and follow the page to get the latest update to this series as they are released.

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