How to get ripped for the rest of us – Introduction

Welcome to my first post in my series, “How to get ripped for the rest of us” You may be asking, why even bother? The fitness world is absolutely saturated with guru’s and trainers, so why bother listening to me? I mean, I’m nowhere close to being the biggest guy or the most ripped guy. Instagram and YouTube are filled with ripped muscle freaks so why listen to me when these guys above are floating around on the internet? Well let me explain…

First, here’s a picture of me from a shoot for a fitness magazine from a couple of days ago. I’m not as big or as ripped as the guys mentioned above, but I’d hope 99% of people (AKA the rest of us) would be happy with this physique. But still, why take advice from me rather than the bigger or more ripped guy?


Reason 1:

First, I don’t do and have never done steroids or any kind of weird illegal or dubious performance enhancing drugs. I’m not saying that ALL the guys in the pics from Instagram are doing (or have done) them, but let’s be honest, the industry is full of it. Now if someone wants to risk their health to get bigger muscles and become more ripped, then fine, whatever its their body. What I hate though is when these guys then start giving out fitness advice like they are some kind of guru while never mentioning the number one thing they did to get into that shape. If you take, or have taken steroids and you start trying to advise someone on how to have a body like you, you’re number one tip better be “take steroids” otherwise you are bulls***ting yourself and everyone else.

My health and longevity are more important to me than getting bigger quicker, and so reason number one to listen to me is, you don’t need to compromise your health with illegal drugs to achieve my level of physique.

Reason 2:

OK so second, I do not live in the gym. In a normal week I spend around 3-4 hours in the gym. This is for 2 reasons, first I don’t have time to work out all day every day, I have a family and a job working 12 hour shifts and other interests I’d like to pursue. The second reason is the training style I use focuses on short intense workouts, and that will be the focus of my 2nd post.

So the second reason to listen to me, you don’t need to live in the gym to achieve my level of physique.

Reason 3:

I don’t calorie count, I don’t calculate “syns” and I don’t follow some bizarre “eat only this or only that” diet. I eat pretty much like a normal human being following only a couple of (what I find to be) easy rules when it comes to nutrition. I’ll do an entire post about nutrition shortly.

So reason number 3 to listen to me, you don’t need to go on some crazy diet to achieve my level of physique.

Reason 4:

The final reason is that everything I give out on this blog will be free, there’s no long sales buildup to buy my fantastic program, or E-book or personal online training plan. My philosophy is that all the fitness information you need is online available for free anyway, and so charging for it just seems a tad cheeky to me. Of course all that free information is so mixed in with all the bulls**t that it needs filtering out, and that’s part of what I intend to do here.

So the last reason to listen to me is I’m not selling anything. I have no reason to bulls**t.

So if after all of that, you think maybe it is worth reading on and finding out more, head over to the second post where I explain my general theory of training… How to get ripped for the rest of us – The general theory of getting ripped.


2 thoughts on “How to get ripped for the rest of us – Introduction

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